Rear Wheels - 5, 7 & 8"

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Douglas 8"  Stretch
7" stretch
7" stretch
Douglas 8"


Douglas Litecast 5, 7 or 8" wide with or without tires and PVC.

7 and 8" use front tires stretched on to the rim, and the pipe is much easier to replace compared to standard 5" wide wheels.

5" run 17mm ID Bearings.

7 and 8" wheels require bolt on hubs with bearings if running on a stub axle. Or keyed hubs if running on a moto axle.

These are Go Kart Rims

Blue axle is 8" stretch

Pic with front and side view and black pipe is 7" stretch

Red Axle is 7" stretch

Black axle is 5" (no stretch)

Note PVC is grey/white, PE is black (out of stock)